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Pest-B-Gone is a pest control services provider trusted by a number of Sydney home and business owners. Don’t take just our word for it! Check out the many positive reviews our customers showered us with and see for yourself. We owe most of our vast repeat and referral business to our loyal customers fan base. They have no doubts we can also help their friends or colleagues exterminate pests from their home, business or commercial property, just like we helped them. Another reason customers trust Pest-B-Gone is because we are LICENSED PEST EXTERMINATORS. What does that actually mean? It means we employ licensed and certified staff and can vouch for their professionalism and level of expertise. Also, we comply with the rigorous pest control and removal standards with every service we provide.

AU Based

Australia Based

With vast experience serving all of Sydney, we have the necessary know-how when it comes to exterminating pests typical for the area. There is hardly a species we haven’t already encountered and successfully removed. While some pests invade only at certain parts of the year, others pose a constant threat to your safety and well-being. Some pests invading Australian homes can be extremely dangerous, even deadly if ignored for a long time. We advise a number of regular maintenance checks to make sure the pests don’t even stand a chance. If you have just moved in, it’s imperative you check the place for any pests. The same procedure should repeat at least two times a year.  We can help you reclaim your home from pests and secure the health of your family.

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At Pest-B-Gone, we put one thing above all others – preserving the health of our customers and the environment. With the advancement of green technologies and eco-friendly solutions, you can’t possibly go for the generic over-the-counter pest poison without risking your health and that of your loved ones. Pest control and removal requires the usage of different products and chemicals, most of which inefficient and even dangerous if nor handled by a professional. Not only will the pests still be there, but now you will also have a space littered with toxic chemicals. Pros like Pest-B-Gone know how to protect your premises. Most importantly, we tend to use only products that are proven to be harmless for people and the environment and we help our customers choose clean and cost-efficient products.

We Offer

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Ants Control


Bed & Carpet Bugs Control


Birds Control


Cloth Moths Control


Cockroaches Control


Fleas Control


Flies Control


Lice Control


Mites Control


Mosquitos Control


Rodents Control


Silverfish Control


Spider Control


Termites Control


Ticks Control


Wasps Control


Wood Borer Control


Wood Rot Control

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Pest-B-Gone is here for all your pest problems. We reach out to the community by providing our services in all Sydney areas with equal tenacity, commitment and professionalism. No matter what part of Sydney you are from, we can dispatch a team of our friendly pest exterminators the same day you call us! Our dedicated customer support service locates the nearest technician and sends them right to your home or office for the same-day inspection, and more often than not – same-day service! We often say that our job is not done until we make sure the pests won’t come back. To achieve that goal, we offer guidance and advice to home and commercial property owners about the most efficient preventative measures and suggest permanent changes. We invariably trace the pests right back to their nesting & breeding places and strike right at the root. That is how we know we have done everything in our power to make sure the pests are gone for good. We take great pride in offering our services at affordable rates, without compromising the quality and efficiency. Contact Pest-B-Gone, your proactive, persistent and professional pest control service and get rid of pests TODAY!