About Us

Pest-B-Gone is a reliable pest control service provider. We take great pride in the safe, eco-friendly and, above all – complete extermination of pests from residential, business and commercial properties all over Sydney. Locally-owned and managed, we enjoy the trust of Sydney residents and owe our vast repeat and referral business to our many satisfied customers.

Thorough & Efficient Pest Removal in Sydney

We boast a high level of quality in all services we offer, primarily owing to the skills and experience of our pest removal and control technicians. These trained and versatile experts go an extra mile in ensuring not only a thorough pest removal, but also zero pest return! How do the achieve that? First of all, they conduct a meticulous inspection of the infested area. Their primary objective during this stage is to find the nesting and feeding places of the pests infesting your home, office or commercial property. They are well-versed in the behavioural patterns of various pests common in Australia, so they are able to pinpoint the very root of the problem.
While our technicians target a specific area on your premises, they also accurately indentify the paths on which the pests move around the area, often unnoticed and even unobstructed. In that way, the whole area is covered, and a thorough and complete removal is guaranteed.
We do not consider our work done until we provide reliable and comprehensive advice on various preventative measures. Sometimes it’s the property owners’ habits that draw the pests close. Maybe your garage disposal system isn’t efficient, or you need a special kind of mattress? We focus on all of this and more – complete pest removal is our singular focus. We leave nothing to chance, especially when it comes to the safety and well being of our customers.

Safe & Eco-Friendly Sydney Pest Control

Apart from the skill, experience and dedication, Pest-B-Gone boasts a team of environmentally-conscious pest control professionals. We firmly believe that we have to be accountable for all our activities and ensure they are not compromising our environment – the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil from which our food comes. After all, just as we affect the environment, so it affects us. That is why we invested a lot in eco-friendly pest extermination products. We keep up to date with novelties in the industry and constantly upgrade our equipment and techniques so we can be sure we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe service.
We are an alternative to the sub par services provided by semi-skilled pest exterminators. Feel free to check our references and customer reviews to see why so many Sydney residents trust us for an efficient service. It takes a qualified professional with a proven track record to exterminate pests from your residential or commercial property promptly and safety. We are well-equipped with protective gear for our personnel and your furniture and other valuables.
With Pest-B-Gone, you don’t risk contamination by toxic chemicals or other harmful substances. We treat your space with great care and leave everything as we found it, with one important difference – the pests are gone for good.

Your Reliable Sydney Pest Exterminator

At Pest-B-Gone, we believe that by treating our environment with great care and consideration, we contribute to the well-being of our customers. We do not provide cookie-cutter solutions, but instead examine the property carefully, determine the implications of each individual pest removal treatment and then devise the most adequate course of action.
From preparing a budget plan, safeguarding our customers’ living and work space, using top-quality products and assigning qualified technicians, to final consultations, we have one goal in mind – to give our customers a pest-free, clean and safe environment.
We are LICENSED PEST EXTERMINATORS, which serves as a guarantee of quality and reliability. By adhering to strict safety guidelines, our services live up to modern standards of an efficient and eco-friendly pest removal. Our technicians are experts in their field, and are familiar with the pests infesting the wider Sydney area. We draw on our massive experience and expertise to predict and troubleshoot any pest-related issues.
At the first sign of pests in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Pest-B-Gone. We are your trustworthy partner for pest control – call us today for a same-day service, thorough inspection and pest-free environment!