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Ants Control

Ants are one of the most nuisance pests that infest every structure they come across. They live in colonies which consist of an egg-laying female (referred to as the queen), males and workers who are usually the sterile females. They damage property when they bore into wood, weakening the entire structure. Some are dangerous to humans, especially those that sting or bite. Besides that, ants are a general annoyance as there is nothing fascinating about having them all over your home. They are perceived to be unclean. Some of the typical ones include the red imported fire ants, flying ants, red pavement ants, carpenter ants, black house ants, and white-footed ants.

Professional control and removal

Although some people believe they can exterminate these insects on their own, ant removal is better left to professionals. Our team has extensive experience in eradicating ants in homes, offices and commercial buildings, so we are fully-equipped for an efficient ant removal. Our professionally trained technicians accurately identify all ant species and are familiar with their biology, which forms the basis of proper extermination. They find the colony sources with ease, determine what is drawing ants to your home or office and determine the right elimination technique to use. When you hire our services, you can be confident that you will get expert, professional and timely service.

Non-hazardous and economical service

We carry out thorough inspections before using chemicals in our control procedures to avoid contamination. The safety of your family, pets and property is our top priority. Our professionals leave nothing up to chance and locate the ants’ travel routes, nesting and feeding sites with care and precision. Once we locate them, we use either direct treatment or create residual barriers between the ants’ nests and food sources. This is because our primary goal is to use the most efficient techniques that ensure the ant life cycle is broken and that they won’t get a chance to invade again. After we deal with the ants, we provide you with professional advice on the precautions you can take to prevent them from coming back. All the while, we are tailoring solutions to your particular circumstances, while maintaining the highest level of service.

Quick turnaround

An ant infestation is a problem that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible to minimise property damage and to lower the risk of further invasions. Our company has invested in top of the line tools, equipment, and resources that help us provide treatments faster. Our long-term collaboration with leading manufacturers of pest control products enables us to access the products fast and at a competitive price.
Our professional expertise, coupled with efficient project management, enables us to exterminate an infestation as fast as only within an hour, while larger ones may take several hours or days.
If you are looking for professional home or business ant control and removal services, get in touch with us today. We will work with you every step of the way so that you get your peace of mind back.


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• Our technicians have the experience and skills necessary to perform a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property and accurately identify the ants’ travel routes.
• Depending on the scope of the infestation, we cam apply direct ant removal treatment or create residual barriers between ant nests and the sources of food.
• We guarantee minimum to no inconvenience to your everyday routine; our technicians are considerate and respectful. Your home, office or commercial property will be pest-free fast and for good.