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When birds roost or nest in unwanted areas in homes, offices or commercial spaces, they can become quite a nuisance. Their droppings are known to deface buildings, hand railings, walkways, air conditioning systems and other visible areas of a structure. Bird droppings also carry over 60 diseases, including Cryptococcosis and Histoplasmosis which can be passed on to humans and pets through inhaling. Note that bird infestations also encourage a broad range of other pests such as bird mites, lice, flies and fleas. The longer you allow birds to roost in your facility, the harder it becomes to get rid of them, and the more the damage they cause.

We offer professional bird removal and control

Bird control is a sensitive area of pest management in the whole of Australia, and we offer efficient and safe bird removal and control services. Our technicians are highly trained in bird biology, their breeding habits as well as the latest techniques to remove and keep them at bay. All of our bird treatment technicians are licensed, insured and bonded and undertake regular training on the most efficient processes and technology of pests birds control. We have dealt probably with every kind of bird problem imaginable, meaning that you can trust us for all your bird control and removal needs.
Some of the problematic birds that we have dealt with over the years include the feral pigeon, seagull, common starling, house sparrow, common myna and the welcome swallow.

Responsible bird deterrent measures

We understand that our customers have a great deal of concern about the safety of the products used to deter birds. Considering also that all native birds are protected in Australia, we have adopted environmentally friendly products that are safe for the birds as well as humans. We only use techniques that meet all the regulations and guidelines while maintaining quality service at the same time. From humane trapping, bird spikes to repellent gels, we get the job done in the most appropriate way we can. Most importantly, we not only provide you with considerate removal services but also with bird guano cleanup services. We protect you from the challenging task of cleaning up bird droppings.

We save your time and effort

One of the major reasons why most people want to handle tasks on their own is to save money. We have the latest equipment and tools to control and remove pest birds from your facility efficiently and within the minimum time possible. You, therefore, don’t have to go through all the steps, including setting traps and placing baits, among other activities involved in bird control methods.
Our knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians require less supervision while doing what they do best meaning that less of your effort will be needed if you hire us. And as a leading provider of bird control and removal that highly values your time, we schedule our services during a time that is convenient for you.
We are happy to provide our customers with affordable solutions for their commercial and residential bird problems. Find out more about how we can help you and get a free estimate – call us today!


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