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Cloth Moths Control

There are about 2500 moth species in Australia with around 3 different kinds of clothes moths. The cloth moths are quite particular about what they eat as they concentrate on animal-derived fibres such as silk and wool. They target clothes that contain moisture content, including those that are dirty, sweaty or stained with food. They are relatively small, which makes them difficult to see, but the damage they cause clearly indicates their infestation. Although they are perceived as purely household pests, they have also been responsible for damages in commercial properties.

Matchless cloth moth control and removal services

Controlling these pests isn’t a simple task as some people would think. The whole process requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the cloth moths, where they live or hide as well as the effective products to use. Our experienced technicians understand the habits of these nuisance pests and use their broad knowledge to develop a solid elimination plan, thereby bringing your peace of mind back. They are highly skilled and experienced at identifying the different species of clothing moths as most of them live in your local area. In addition, they are state-certified, adequately insured, fully licensed and they all participate in ongoing training programs so that they can maintain their high level of expertise.

Best products and extermination methods

We use state of the art tools, equipment and treatment products to get rid of moths from your home. In fact, our products are more potent and efficient than those available in stores because we have excellent relationships with leading manufacturers. We use the most effective and safest methods putting into consideration your pets, family members as well as our environment. This is also because using the incorrect amounts, or the wrong kind of pesticides can be life threatening.
With our professional moth management technicians who are trained to use chemical pesticides and other high-end products cautiously, you can expect a safe extermination process.

Individually tailored solutions

With our many years of experience helping people eradicate clothes moths from their wardrobes, we offer individually tailored pest control solutions. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solution, and that’s why our moth control methods are customised and individually tailored. The type of treatment we employ for your case is, however, dependent on how badly your property is infested, the types of products and materials that have been damaged and of course, the kind of moth species you are struggling with. Once you hire us to eliminate the cloth moths in your facility, we dispatch qualified pest technicians to conduct a thorough inspection so as to identify the specific species and prescribe the right treatment procedure for your case.

As a reputable company, we get to your facility on time, do our job efficiently and leave it the way we found it, minus the pests. We also guarantee 100 percent satisfaction the first time around.
If you suspect that clothing moths have infested your residential or commercial property, contact us immediately – don’t risk further damage.


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