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Fleas Control

Fleas are a common pest problem in Australia and are more prevalent in homes that have dogs and cats. They can also be a nuisance if you move into a house or apartment that was previously infested. The biggest concern about fleas is that they not only bite and feed on animals, but also on human blood. They trigger various illnesses such as allergies and skin conditions like dermatitis in humans and mange in dogs and cats. Among the most common in Australia include the cat, dog and bird fleas.

Professional flea control

We are a reputable company with a speciality in insect management having helped homeowners get rid of fleas for many years. Before we begin our extermination process, one of our technicians inspects your home to identify how the fleas have infested your property including your pets. The technician then recommends the most appropriate and efficient treatment method. Given our extensive experience, our primary aim is to treat all the stages of the flea life cycle. From the eggs, pupae to the adult fleas, we leave no stone unturned. We manage every corner of your premises, whether it’s on the inside or outside, depending on where the problem began. We do all this to ensure that the insects do not hatch and start causing trouble again.

Highly qualified technicians

The process of flea control may sound easy to some, but it takes a lot of expertise to accomplish the targeted goals. All our technicians are trained professionals who have been in the pest removal and control business for many years dealing with all types of fleas. They understand the biology, the behaviour and how best to handle them. To keep them up-to-the-minute with the trending issues in the control and treatment of fleas, we ensure that they undertake additional continuous training programs regularly. Note that our experts are profoundly skilled in the safe utilisation of chemical pesticides. Besides, they are adequately insured, should any case of mishap occur, and also bonded and licensed to operate as exterminators.

Premium products and treatment methods

Our main focus is to offer you the latest flea control treatment to ensure that you won’t experience the same problem on your property in the future. We use state-of-the-art products including tools, equipment and chemicals. We can also provide you with the bottle or batch number of the chemicals we use on your property. All our products are eco-friendly, safe for humans and pets and only available to licensed technicians like us. In addition, we use the latest methods in the control and extermination of fleas in your facility. With this, we are able to guarantee all our clients that our flea treatment process adheres to Australian standards.
We understand that fleas are stubborn, and that’s why we develop an excellent control programme to eradicate them completely. We act immediately after you contact us, do the job as fast as we can without compromising quality, and leave your property as clean and organised as we found it, pest-free. If you need further information on how we can help you with a flea infestation, or you want to arrange an inspection and get a free estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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