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Although there are thousands of fly species, the most problematic ones include the houseflies, bush flies, bottle/blow flies and mosquitos. These insects are usually oblivious to humans because they spend most of their time doing other activities. However, they pose the danger of causing various diseases such as typhoid, cholera and anthrax. This happens when they deposit bacteria and pathogens to our food after collecting them from their feeding grounds which include garbage, dung, and decaying matter. House flies are known to transmit disease-causing microbes such as those responsible for dysentery, food poisoning, worm infections and tuberculosis. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, are associated with malaria, dengue fever and transmitting dog heartworm organisms.

Our professional solution to fly infestations

As you can see, flies are insects that should not be buzzing freely in your house or commercial facility. Our control process begins by identifying the type of flies infesting your property. This is because most flies resemble each other and can be easily mistaken leading to the wrong administration of treatments. Our extensive knowledge in identifying all kinds of flies makes it easier for us to eradicate them quickly. We have gathered a lot of experience both in identifying and eliminating flies through helping home and commercial building owners exterminate flies from their property.

Personalised service

Just as individuals are different, so are homes and other properties. We, therefore, treat every fly infestation differently and uniquely from each other. This is because various types of flies affect different facilities differently. We also understand that people have varied tastes and needs, and that’s why we like incorporating your ideas in our pest management plan. We have been able to achieve all this for many years, owing to our highly qualified staff. Our customer support and field technicians are exceptionally trained meaning that they are skilled and knowledgeable in what they do on a daily basis. They listen to and address the concerns of our clients with respect and according to their individual specifications.

High quality and timely service

The reason why most people trust our services is because we treat the cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms. Our inspection process does not only involve identifying the type of flies but also their breeding grounds so that we can solve the problem the first time we work on it. We make treatment recommendations that are specially designed for the specific fly species infesting your property. Note that we only advocate for methods that we are confident won’t expose your family, goods, employees or customers to harmful substances. Our fly treatment products are safe for you, your pets as well as your surrounding environment. To ensure promptness and swift handling of emergency cases, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most importantly, our flies control appointments are scheduled at times that are convenient for all our customers.
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