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Mites Control

Mites are small arthropods that feed on humans but don’t complete their life cycle on them. This means that they will attach themselves to your skin only when they are feeding. Their bites cause mild to severe irritation, including raised red spots, itching and swelling. Although they are not associated with the transmission of infectious diseases, their bites may lead to secondary infections from scratching. Some of the most common mites include the starling mite (commonly known as the bird mite), grain itch mite, clover mite, house dust mite, and the rat mite.

Superior control and removal services

We understand that controlling most of these parasites is a challenging and frustrating task. Due to their small sizes, detecting and removing them is very hard unless you use special techniques of extraction. Dealing with dust mites, which are associated with some allergies including the asthmatic allergy, for example, is a long process that involves vacuuming and the application of insecticidal solutions. We have therefore dedicated ourselves to help people like you battle this menace in a quick and efficient way.
We have put in place distinctly qualified personnel who are knowledgeable in proper identification of the various types of mites, which forms an ideal basis for controlling infestations. Most importantly, once our technicians are done with the extermination process, they provide you with the necessary information you require to prevent the mites from infesting your property again. With our insured, bonded and certified experts, therefore, we are able to guarantee all our esteemed customers of a hundred percent satisfaction.

Top of the line techniques

Mites originate from bird nests, infested domestic animals as well as pests. They then invade bathrooms, carpets, bedrooms and upholstered furniture. Our skilled technicians use the best approaches to find these parasites and remove them from wherever they are hiding in your property.
They use the right resources at our disposal, including the latest tools and equipment. When removing nests from roof spaces, on window ledges or around eaves and in chimneys, they put on top-tier masks and gloves to prevent the transfer of mites or any bacterial infections. When it comes to the usage of chemicals, we only use those that are environmentally friendly and safe for both humans and pets. And since we understand that mite infestations come in different forms, we treat every case with care by offering tailored services.

Timely service and passionate customer care

To ensure that you are entirely satisfied with our mite control and removal service, we perform our job promptly following your first call. We do all this while maintaining quality service and ensuring that the whole process is in line with the Australian standards. When working on your property, we touch nothing without your consent and leave everything just the way we found it. Eradicating mites is a hard task that you may never accomplish on your own. Let us help you free your residential or commercial building from these unpleasant parasites by contacting us today. One of our representatives will arrange an appointment with you, answer all your inquiries and provide you with a detailed estimate.


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