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Mosquitos Control

Apart from being infuriating, mosquitos are vector agents that carry disease-causing parasites and viruses from one person to the other. Some of the common diseases that they transmit include Dengue fever, Rive virus and the Australian encephalitis. Although there are more than 300 mosquito species in Australia alone, only a small percentage is a serious concern. Among the most common include the dark-winged fungus gnat, culiseta, aedes, culex, anopheles, and the biting midge. Note that the female species are responsible for the irritating bites you suffer from. Controlling mosquitos on your own often falls short of success, and that’s why you need professional exterminators like us.

Experienced and professional service

The flight range, breeding and biting habits as well as host preferences vary among the many different species of mosquitos. Professional mosquito control and extermination is your best choice to get rid of these pests from your home or commercial building. Our field team is highly trained in mosquito breeding habits, their biology and the latest techniques for eliminating them. They first identify the kind of species invading your facility as well as their breeding sources. They then apply approved fogging and misting techniques to the specific areas suffering from the infestation. And once we are done exterminating the mosquitos, we advise you on the steps to take so as to avoid attracting them to your property in the future.

High-end products and techniques

With the complex life cycle of mosquitos where the adult stage is terrestrial and immature aquatic, you won’t exterminate them with the regular over the counter pesticide products. That is because most of the products are not specially customised to treat the particular species invading your property. Since our technicians are exceptionally trained to identify the common problematic species in Australia, we know exactly which extermination products to use when dealing with your situation. All our products come from leading manufacturers, environmentally friendly, safe for you and your family and most importantly, only accessible by trained professionals like us. We use ultramodern techniques for increased efficiency and your convenience. In fact, our professionals can seek out mosquito trails around your premises so that they can get rid of the entire colony. In most cases, this helps them not to use any pesticides inside your property.

Exceptionally trained and certified technicians

Our superior mosquito control service is entirely based on our highly qualified and certified professionals. Every one of us is an adequately insured, bonded and licensed operator in the pest control and removal industry. Besides going through extensive training, we make sure that every technician undergoes regular training so that they stay up-to-the-minute with every emerging detail. Having our team of professionals means that we don’t employ subcontractors and hence you can rest assured that our company is answerable for everything that happens on site. With our skilled technicians who are well conversant with the use of top of the line products, we can get rid of the nuisance mosquitoes disturbing your peace of mind efficiently.
We have field experts who know the type of mosquitos roaming your area. Let us help you exterminate them once and for all. Get in touch with us today via phone or online.


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