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Rodents Control

Mice and rats, often referred to as rodents, have been pests of concern throughout history. They can damage your home’s electric wiring, creating perilous situations, eat leftovers, scraps and pet food if not well stored, and even chew through your building’s floor joists and walls. Rodents are also known to spread dangerous diseases to humans through bites, urine, saliva and faeces. In fact, the Center for Disease Control highlights over ten diseases that are directly linked to rats, including the bubonic plague (black plague), rat-bite fever, leptospirosis and tularaemia. Roof rat, Norway rat, house mouse, vole and deer mouse are some of the common rodent species that could bring trouble to your property.

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Rodents are prolific breeders that can multiply rapidly if given a suitable environment. Immediate control of rats and mice is paramount to prevent them from establishing themselves. Exterminating them is also important as it reduces the chances of food contamination, the spread of diseases as well as protecting your property from damages. Since we are well trained in rodent breeding habits and their entire biology, we are your best shot when it comes to making your property rodent free. Our technicians are properly trained to identify the reasons why rodents are infesting your home and the right course of action to take. They are also backed with holistic knowledge in the use of safe and reliable control methods that can offer a long-term solution to your rodent invasion problem.

Professional service

Rodents are ‘intelligent’ pests that are capable of detecting chemicals in food and some forms of baits meaning that over-the-counter products may not help solve your problem. We know which baits to use for what rodent species and where to place them because this is what we do on a daily basis. We are aware exactly when and where these small animals are going to show up, and that’s how we manage to exterminate them swiftly and thoroughly. And since the most efficient way to get rid of them is by the use of rodenticides, we use the most effective products for both indoor and outdoor use. Note that we give special attention to planning the placement of baits while observing the hygiene of your home or workstation. This means that we only use those that are safe for everyone around you including your family and pets.

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We understand how frustrating rodents can get, not to mention cause all manner of damages and spread diseases. That in mind, we don’t intend to add more worries to what you are already going through by overcharging you. We always state the price upfront so as to assure you there are no hidden charges. With our highly experienced technicians, top of the line products, tools and equipment as well as our latest rodent-controlling techniques, you can be guaranteed of a quick service at affordable prices.
We can get rid of rats or mice giving you trouble in the blink of an eye. All you need is to contact us today so that we discuss the best control solution that fits your business or home.


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