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Silverfish Control

You don’t have to see silverfish to know that it inhabits your home or workspace. Coming across holes in clothes, paper and wallpaper for example, should raise a red flag that silverfish is around. The name is a straightforward description of what these insects look like. Their body is covered in silvery scales and their body build and moves are fish-like. They are somewhere around 15mm long and they have antennae as tails. They don’t bite or sting and fortunately, they don’t spread disease, but they are a nuisance.

Silverfish like dark and damp areas that are typically undisturbed. They infest wall cavities, roof spaces, storage rooms and basements. They are also known to come out of sinks in bathrooms and kitchen and scurry around skirtings. Even though they are not harmful for health, they are annoying because they feed on starch found anywhere – in clothes, wallpaper paste, glue, photographs and other paper, fabrics and leather and regular starchy foods. They will also eat dead insects and fungi.

Knowledgeable treatment for silverfish removal

If you see one silverfish, you know there are many more around you don’t see. You may try a DIY approach, but it is highly likely your methods will not be thorough enough. Our technicians will apply procedures that target all their nesting areas and travel routes. Not only do they have the knowledge, but they also have a wide and varied experience in treating silverfish-infested spaces. This constantly upgrades their knowledge and enables them to be fully efficient in every new project.

Don’t compromise the safety of the people

Unchecked application of pesticides and insecticides can easily do more harm than good. If you are not a professional you could put at risk the health of the people who spend time in the house or workspace, especially if there are children or pets.

Our treatments include registered, certified products and procedures. We also know the appropriate way of applying these products for maximum effect. These products are usually in the form of dusts or liquids.

Save time, money and nerves with us

Trying to pinch some dollars by exterminating silverfish on your own could go on forever and produce little result. Do you know the feeding habits and behavior of silverfish? Do you have the right equipment to deal with them? Can you perform effective and thorough inspection?

Don’t waste time and energy. Call in professionals to do it the right way right away. We know where to look for silverfish and how to handle them in a way that produces the best results and is most economical with time and money. Silverfish control is tricky because the infestation can be more widespread than you may think. Some colonies, for example, may reside inside walls without you noticing any signs. Silverfish removal that doesn’t include these potentially hidden spots is bound to fail. So, call us to nip the problem in the bud!


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Specialized and Licensed Silverfish Removal

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• Our staff are well familiar with silverfish which reduces the possibility of recurrence.
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