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Spider Control

Spiders are extremely common in Australia. Unfortunately, a lot of them can be harmful, if not outright dangerous. There is even a number of the common ones which are deadly. If you live in a house and have small children and pets, spiders are a significant threat.

There are two broad categories of these creepy crawlies: web-spinning and ground-dwelling. The web-spinning ones are typically not dangerous, even though they could appear so. Even though all spiders tend to be helpful in controlling mosquitos and flies, it’s best to play safe and remove them from your home and garden when you come across them.

Spells of wet weather are known to drive ground-dwelling spiders out of their holes. They can easily enter the house through doors and windows while they wander in search of a shelter. Mating seasons will also have burrowing spiders leave their homes.

Spiders to be extremely wary of are Sydney funnel web spider, red back and white tail spider. These can be aggressive and their bite can have terminal consequences. Toxic spiders include the wolf spider, the mouse spider and black house spider.

Expert removal and control

You may believe that a spider can be successfully rid of with a spray you buy at a supermarket or with some DIY methods. These strategies can not only fail, but they can even provoke the spider to fight back. For example, if you try to spray down the funnel, its inhabitant may come charging at you and catch you unawares.

If you cannot determine whether a spider is poisonous or not, it’s best to call in professional to deal with it. A professional will know how to handle each species. Pesticides are not effective in every case and their unchecked application can be toxic to varying degrees. Professionals also know exactly where to look for spider nests and dwellings.

Safety first

As we have already said, spiders endanger your safety and the safety of your family in two ways. They themselves present a danger in some cases, but unprofessional attempts at removal can also be hazardous. Some success-guaranteeing sprays that you can easily come by give off fumes that put your health at risk.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear of people falling off the ladder and roofs while looking for spider sites. Why take such a risk? Our technicians have the skills and experience in inspecting hard-to-reach places where spiders may dwell such as gutters.

Unprofessional methods that fail to exterminate the spider could cause it to relocate, which would make things even worse. Another possibility is to have the area reinhabited soon after.

Have it handled quickly and efficiently

Why should you prolong things unnecessarily especially if you are not sure whether the spider you sighted is dangerous? Our team of professionals will give you back your peace of mind in a matter of hours. We have appropriate practices and procedures, advanced equipment and wide experience in dealing with pests of all kinds, including spiders.

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