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Termites Control

Termites are social insects that work in a colony structure. Despite being beneficial in returning nutrients back to the soil through recycling limbs, fallen trees and stumps, the damage they cause surpasses the good. Unlike other insects, they can easily cause permanent damage to your building. This explains why most people get into a state of panic when they discover termite infestations on their properties bearing in mind that insurance doesn’t cover damages caused by these pests. In addition to damaging homes and business premises, they could be dangerous for people who are allergic or asthmatic. Although they exist in around 300 different species, including the dampwood, drywood and formosan, the most problematic are the subterranean termites.

Professional technicians

You don’t have to struggle with termite control on your own if you are not an expert in this field because we are here for you. We help both residential and business property owners protect their investments from these harmful pests in a professional way. Our company has the proper training in dealing with these pests meaning that we leave no stone unturned during our treatment process. All members of our staff undergo regular training to enable them to retain their high level of expertise, stay updated with the freshest technology and find out more about the use of eco-friendly products and equipment. Both our customer service and field technicians are honest, reliable and straightforward when it comes to pricing, product suggestions as well as providing information on the various control methods.

Meticulous and prompt service

Before we employ any treatment on your property, we carry out a comprehensive inspection to confirm the presence of termites. This way, we can tell the termite species invading your home and how destructive they are. Once we finish the survey, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings and suggest the right course of action to take. With your consent, we carry out the extermination process using our excellent pool of resources. The more termites stay in your home or commercial building, the more damage they are likely to inflict. For this reason, our professional technicians make quick decisions and waste no time in executing the whole extermination process. Starting from your first call to the end of our contract with you, we do everything promptly while maintaining quality to bring your peace of mind back as fast as possible.

Latest products and control methods

Our aim is to find and remove termite colonies before they can spread any further. We have therefore invested in the latest products, tools and equipment to enhance the quality of our work. For the safety of your children, workers, pets and the environment, we only use products that are deadly for the termites and not harmful for humans. We may use special surface spray and dust on the perimeter of your building and subfloor, wall cavities or roof void to get rid of the termites entirely. These, among other products, teamed up with our unique control methods, guarantee that we will annihilate the infestation the first time around.
We give upfront quotes and respond to your needs swiftly. Contact us today so that we get to work and help protect your investment from these harmful pests.


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Complete and Reliable Termite Control and Removal

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• We perform a meticulous inspection, pinpoint the root of termite infestation, and apply tried-and-tested removal techniques to ensure total termite extermination.
• Sydney residents depend on us for offering additional advice on safety precautions – our work is done only when we are sure the termites won’t come back.
• We reclaim your home, office, restaurant or other property from vicious termites and give you a clean and healthy space back!