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Ticks prefer to live in temperate, warm climates and feed off the blood of their hosts for survival (including animals and humans). Some of the common tick species in Australia include the lone star tick, brown dog tick, deer tick, winter tick, and the American dog tick. Their bites are usually painless, and most people don’t notice when they are bitten. When a tick bites you, it injects a toxin that can cause a mild allergic reaction or irritation. In some cases, they cause tick-borne diseases like the tick paralysis, Lyme disease, tularaemia or Rickettsial spotted fever which can pose a severe health threat.

Best services for tick removal

Controlling ticks is not an easy task as it requires excellent skills, good knowledge of the different species and expert treatments. Even if you have developed some countermeasures to battle tick infestations, they may not be enough in the long run. We have the right awareness, experience and expertise to ensure that your entire home, including your yard, is safe from tick infestations. We have first-rate professionals who have been through the best training institutions and got certified after successfully completing their training. On top of that, they continuously enhance their skills through additional education training programs. For security purposes, they are all bonded and adequately insured.

Step-by-step service

A tick infestation is not one of the things that you take for granted. Therefore, we make ourselves available to our customers for tick extermination services 24/7. We have put in place an excellent customer care team that is ready to receive your distress call and take action right away. Once you call us, we arrange when to carry out an inspection so that we confirm and assess the tick infestation in your home. We then provide you with a detailed report of our survey and give you our professional advice entailing the right course of action to take. If you warrant us, we arrange for professional treatment as fast as possible to rid your property of ticks. Note that we update and work with you every step of the way.

Reliable products and management methods

We are a company that thousands of homeowners trust due to our unique tick management techniques. We don’t believe in trial and errors, and that’s why we keep our technicians updated with the latest extermination techniques. The methods we use are both safe for our specialists, your property as well as the people who reside or work in it. Besides being safe, they are reliable and offer long-term solutions to your tick infestation problem. Most importantly, we have a wide selection of products and formulations that are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. And since we care about your family, pets and the environment, we ensure that all of them are safe and out of reach to avoid mishaps.
Adults, children and pets can easily pick up ticks from the garden and bring them into your home. If you ever suspect a tick infestation, never hesitate to call us for a no-obligation assessment, free estimate or additional information on how we can help you.


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