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Whenever wasps build nests within the areas we live or work in, they pose a tremendous danger to our lives. Wasps are stinging pests that affect both pets and humans and have the potential of attacking in large numbers especially when their nests are disturbed. Unlike bees, they have the ability to sting multiple times and are considered extremely dangerous to people who are allergic to their pricks. These pests create their nests on eaves, windows, fascias, garden furniture and even in outdoor children’s toys. If you discover a swarm of wasps on your premises, you should consider removing it as soon as possible. Pest-B-Gone is a reliable, licensed was exterminator with vast experience in wasp removal in Sydney.

Safe and quick wasp extermination

It’s not advisable to attempt to remove wasps on your own. You require a high level of expertise, appropriate safety equipment and the right precautions know-how so as to complete the job safely and efficiently. Our reputable company has all it takes to protect you from these pests and to ensure that the service we offer is quick and convenient for you. We have invested in the latest safety tools and equipment including the right clothing for our safety to avoid any chances of accidents in your premises. Our licensed and formulated wasp control chemicals are not only efficient but also safe for the environment. And to ensure that they are harmless to your pets and family members, especially children, we ensure that they are out of reach.

Broad knowledge base about wasps

Our professionals know exactly where to look for and how to approach wasp nests in your home or business premises because they are exceptionally trained in this field. They know how to differentiate the various species of wasps and how to treat each of them with maximum efficiency. They are well-versed in dealing with the two main species of wasps that are problematic in Australia, the imported European and the native paper wasp. In fact, our knowledge base also includes the American pelecinid wasp, bald-faced hornet and augochlora sweat bee, among many others that can be troublesome in your home or workplace. In addition, with a team of professional technicians on the field, trust that we know the particular type of wasps in your area and how to eliminate them efficiently.

Professional and personalised service

Besides being experts in their field, our technicians and customer support personnel are honest and reliable. They will listen and address your concerns promptly and courteously. They provide you with all the information you need to make the extermination process successful, including what products we will use, the methods that we will employ as well as how much we are going to charge you. As a reputable company, we don’t tell stories to try and justify additional costs. And since we understand that every client wants to preserve their privacy, we treat them with every respect they deserve. We listen to your opinions and consolidate them into our wasp management plan so that we meet all your needs and preferences.
We can offer a safe and convenient solution to your residential or commercial building wasp infestation. Book your wasp control and removal treatment, get a free estimate or further information by calling us today.


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