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Wood Borer Control

There are numerous species of wood borers in Australia with a few of them being harmful to homes and business premises. The most common exist in two kinds that are differentiated on the preference for particular types of timber, either dry or green. Those living in green wood may not be harmful compared to those residing in dry seasoned wood. Dry wood borers gnaw small tunnels into wooden furniture, window and door frames, eaves, and pine ceilings, among other wooden material. This is also where they breed. They then create networks of tunnels as they feed on the inside of the wood without surfacing, meaning that it’s hard to see them damage your property. Some of the dry wood borers include the furniture beetle, Queensland pine beetle and the Powderpost beetle (lyctid borer).

Professional assessment and detailed inspection

Efficient wood borer control measures

We use a number of steps to protect your property from the harmful effects of wood borers. We ensure that we get to the real source of the problem with the help of our cutting edge equipment and highly knowledgeable professionals. Since the significant damage occurs entirely below the surface of wooden materials, that is – where the larvae of the borers eat tunnels, we inject fluid chemicals trough holes and junctions on the infested object. In the case of a roof infestation, we use ThermaTreat heat treatment, a technique that eradicates wood borers entirely without relying on toxic chemicals. At times, we may have to fumigate your structure for a set period of time so that the fumigant can penetrate into the wood and kill all the borers.

Flexible and timely

We are prepared to work around your schedule because we are well aware of how busy you are. We don’t shy away from working past the sunset or at weekends as long as we help you make your property wood borer free. Controlling these pests takes time and the skilful use of the right products. We are quick at locating the source of infestations as well as getting rid of them using efficient products.
We can effortlessly tell how and why wood borers are making their way into your property and help you exterminate them completely. We also offer free guidance on how you can avoid being a return target of these pests. Give us a call today to learn more or to arrange a treatment with one of our customer service team members.

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