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Wood Rot Control

Fungus is one of the primary causes of damages in wood. Commonly referred to as rot, the wood-destroying fungi require water, food and air to thrive. In fact, wood rot affects timber that contains over 20 percent moisture content. It is imperative to note that what people call dry wood rot is a misnomer because dried timber can’t develop rot. It must have been wet at some point. That said, wood rot can easily damage your property as it eats your door trims, eaves, weatherboards, balcony beams and handrails, among other timber structures, leading to significant losses in time, money and comfort. That is why you need specialists like us.

Meticulous inspection

Wood rot is often confused with termite damage if not inspected by an expert. We are exceptionally trained to accurately identify this problem as well as evaluate the extent of the damage. Whether it is the use of unsuitable types of wood in the original construction or a high level of moisture in the timber, we determine the cause of decay with ease. Apart from diagnosing the current causes, we have the expertise to recognise other factors that could lead to future wood rot on your property. We are also able to clearly differentiate between the two basic types of wood-destroying fungi that professionals and homeowners encounter – the brown and the white rot.

Professional wood rot treatment and repair

Our priority is to help you save the section of the wood that has been affected by fungus in your property. If it is still structurally firm, then we treat the decaying section to prevent the rot from progressing any further. We remove the entire affected area and reinstate it using state of the art methods so as to retrieve the original appearance of the wood. If decay is too advanced to save a particular section, we remove the affected area and replace it with high-quality and specially treated materials. Once we eradicate the problem, we treat the new and the existing wood to prevent future recurrence of rot and to kill any fungus that could be left in the treated wood.

Prompt and convenient service

Time is extremely important when it comes to reversing the condition of your property. The quicker you allow us to treat the wood rot eating your property, the lesser it is going to cost you. This is because waiting for the right time to act will only give the fungi room to thrive and spread. On our part, we conduct our services speedily without compromising the quality of our work to ensure that you have your peace of mind back. We schedule appointments and services at a time that is convenient for you and respond to your emergencies promptly.
Our wood rot control and repair measures are the best on offer, and that’s why we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. The sooner you contact us after noticing or suspecting the presence of wood rot on your property, the quicker we will be able to help you.

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